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Childbirth Educator - Course Syllabus

No other childbirth educator course covers the same depth of topics as you will cover with Childbirth International. In addition to the skills required as a Childbirth Educator , we also focus on strengthening your knowledge base of pregnancy and birth, and developing strong communication skills.

The best preparation for childbirth education available!

When you receive your student manuals guides, they will consist of three main topics - Communication Skills, Physiology in Birth and Teaching Skills. If you would like to read the full syllabus, you can download the information pack.

Communications Skills Topics

Enhance your communication skills, enabling you to build strong relationships with clients and caregivers alike. Topics covered include:

  • effective communication

  • language and communication

  • active listening skills

  • reflective practice and debriefing

  • diversity of clients

  • evidence-based care

  • grief and loss

Many of you will work as childbirth educators in challenging environments. Perhaps the amount of medical intervention your clients experience will lead you to feel uncomfortable, or those you are working with do not understand the importance of informed choice being communicated by educators. During the course you will explore these challenges and develop skills in building relationships with caregivers without compromising your professionalism or client's wishes.

One of the unique strengths of Childbirth International training is the focus on reflective practice. In the context of your training, reflection means looking at choices you have made in the past and what you have learned from those, how they apply to your work as a childbirth educator. The student manuals walk you through reflective practice and you will learn how to apply the Childbirth International model of reflective practice. Your trainer will provide you with feedback and support on improving these reflective skills.
Read students comments about the communication topics

Physiology in Birth Topics

Gain a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period. Topics covered include:

  • physiology in pregnancy

  • physiology in labor and birth

  • physiology after the birth

  • healthy eating and exercise

  • pain in labor

  • management of labor

  • routine procedures during labor

  • cesarean and VBAC

  • prenatal testing & screening

  • introduction to lactation

All student materials are focused on evidence-based care. Evidence-based means medical practice that is based on research. The opinions and thoughts of experts on pregnancy, birth and childbirth education are referred to throughout your student manuals - it is important to hear the views of others in the field to build your own knowledge base.
Read students comments about the physiology topics

Teaching Skills Topics

Develop your teaching skills as an educator, enabling you to provide the best childbirth classes possible, and identify strategies for managing different teaching situations. Topics covered include:

  • becoming a birth and parenting professional

  • marketing and building your business

  • recognizing perspectives on birth

  • learning styles

  • planning and structuring a course

  • active teaching and teaching adults

  • using visual aids effectively

  • teaching ideas for childbirth classes

Childbirth International is the only childbirth education training organization to have developed models and tools that can be used in your work as a childbirth educator. The strong focus on understanding perspective is a core component of the Childbirth International childbirth educator training program. You will learn how to use these models and tools to enhance your relationships with clients and increase your enjoyment in your work.

"I liked all of my training - from the readings to the student discussion forum; the student chats and feedback from my trainer. If I had to pick a favorite part it would be *REALLY* learning how to teach parents to advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their decisions. If I had only learned that one thing, I think I would have called the training successful. It is by far the most valuable tool I have in my so called 'bag of tricks'." Jamie, Maryland

Why cover these topics?

Many childbirth educator training programs focus on teaching what to expect during labor and the various pain relief options available. Why does CBI feel it is important to cover so much more?

Being a childbirth educator is more than just passing on a lot of information to expectant parents. Understanding how to make informed choices, having a plan in place for tackling unexpected situations and gaining decision-making and assertiveness skills - all of these are things that a great childbirth educator can help with. At CBI we make sure you have a thorough grounding in all these areas and more.

There are two things that seasoned childbirth educators will tell you is tough about this work - teaching techniques to clients who then go on to accept every intervention, and having fresh ideas on how to make their classes interactive and fun. We have these both sorted! 

As a student you will develop strong communication skills, learning the important skills of reflective practice and effective listening. You will also cover how to help clients have realistic expectations and get the birth they want using assertiveness and models developed by Childbirth International.

You will explore a multitude of different teaching techniques, focusing on active teaching skills that eliminate the need for long and boring lecture sessions.

Every student can create their own teaching plan, and also have the advantage of being provided with a teaching plan if you are new to the field.

There is no doubt, Childbirth International can provide you with the most comprehensive training available! 

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