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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

There large differences in how much birth professionals earn, depending on the area where they live, the women being supported and the package of support that is provided.

The following amounts are based on a birth professional working in a city in a developed country. Birth professionals living in remote areas or developing countries may have very different payment schedules.

As a general guideline a Birth Doula who provides 2 prenatal visits, support during labor and 2 postpartum visits could expect to earn between US$300 and US$700. If the women you are working with are of low income or experiencing financial difficulties, you may charge a lower rate or offer alternative forms of payment, such as reduced fees, sliding scale or barter of services.

Postpartum Doulas generally charge an hourly rate of between $10-$35 an hour. If you are working overnight with a family, or providing support for older siblings or twins you may charge a higher fee.

Childbirth Educators usually charge around $150-$350 for a full course. If you are providing private classes, or specialist classes, you may be charging more.

A Breastfeeding Counselor will typically charge per consultation which may range from $50-$100 per hour. If you are providing long term breastfeeding support for a mother you may offer a package fee for a fixed number of hours.

Combining services such as offering Birth Doula support and childbirth classes means you can offer package prices for clients requesting more than one service. If you live in a large city where Birth Doulas are in high demand you may charge a higher fee. If you live in an area where Birth Doulas are a relatively new concept, you may find you have to charge a lower amount until your business is established.

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"Having such experienced doulas to discuss all sorts of birth topics was great! I now feel confident & prepared to perform my tasks as a labor doula because of this course. Thanks to you all!" Jeanne, Alabama

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