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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need insurance?

Many new birth professionals worry about their responsibilities and liability.

Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Breastfeeding Counselors do not carry out any clinical tasks (such as taking blood pressure, listening to the baby's heartbeat, doing a vaginal examination etc). These are solely the responsibility of the midwife or doctor who the mother has chosen as her caregiver. Birth professionals also do not give medical advice.

Your role is to provide information to the mother if she wants it, and to support her in whatever choices she makes. Because of this there should never be a situation where the birth professional is seen as clinically liable or responsible for outcomes, therefore insurance is not necessary for the professions we provide training in. Medical indemnity or malpractice insurance is not available for birth or postpartum doulas, childbirth educators or breastfeeding counselors as they are not medical professionals. Some insurance companies offer doula insurance but this is different from medical indemnity or malpractice insurance.

You can avoid situations where you may be seen as liable for any injury by taking simple steps. For example, clearly stating your roles and responsibilities and having the parents acknowledge that they understand this in writing at the outset of your relationship. Avoid transporting clients in your own car with you driving - instead drive in their car, follow them or have the father drive your car if it is insured for others to use.

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"Having such experienced doulas to discuss all sorts of birth topics was great! I now feel confident & prepared to perform my tasks as a labor doula because of this course. Thanks to you all!" Jeanne, Alabama

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