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Doulas internationally

Most doula websites refer to the USA as this is where doulas are more commonly found. Many of CBI's students are located in other countries, so this section is just for you.

Doulas all over the world!

The role of a doula is similar in each country. However, because doulas are relatively new to many regions, there may be some reluctance for caregivers to support doulas. Initially, if you are living in a country where there are few doulas, much of your work may be in building relationships with caregivers and promoting the role of a doula to the pregnant population.

Having a certification and evidence of training can help to build your credibility. We have many students working all over the world and each of them have been successful in building their doula business and increasing awareness of the doula role -  even in countries where they are the only doula!

Students in different countries often find that the level of intervention used in childbirth is very high. This is particularly true in non-Western countries. Finding a caregiver who is supportive of natural birth can be challenging. Options are often limited for the women they are working with and frequently practices are used that are not evidence-based. For many international doulas they find that increasing awareness of research based care and passing on basic knowledge about birth forms a large part of the work they do. For this reason, they find it beneficial to incorporate childbirth education as part of their doula practice.

Language and cultural barriers can sometimes seem to reduce the chances of a doula finding work if she is living in a country that is not her homeland. However, much of the work we do as doulas is about touch and reassurance through body language. Even if you do not speak the same language your role can still be invaluable. Doulas living in foreign countries may work within the expatriate community, providing support for women who are living a long way from home without the usual family support network. Husbands may travel frequently within this community and women may feel isolated. A doula's presence is particularly beneficial to this group.

How does CBI cater for international doulas?

The CBI team is an international one. Our trainers have lived in a variety of countries themselves and are based all over the world. Many of the group have lived as expatriates and understand the special challenges that can be faced by doulas in countries outside the USA. If you are living outside the USA, you will be assigned a trainer who has experience of living internationally. In most cases we can provide a trainer who is from your country, or lives in a country nearby.

CBI student materials are all evidence-based. The research we have used in creating the student manuals has come from a variety of sources and we have ensured that data from different countries has been used to reflect the international flavor of CBI. Where medical terminology may differ because of regional and language differences, we have explained this in the student texts. We also use a variety of external readings that provide perspectives from different parts of the world.

In order to support students in different parts of the world, the chat sessions are made available at different times each week. This ensures that a chat is available on your time zone so you have the opportunity to talk to trainers and other students if you would like to.

We feel it is important to have an understanding of cultural differences when supporting women through pregnancy and birth. Because of this, we spend time in the student manuals discussing cultural differences. Trainers will often provide a cultural perspective when answering questions on the student discussion forum. Students from different parts of the world are encouraged to share their experiences to enable everyone to learn from each other and gain insight into how birth happens in different places.

"My trainer obviously knew her stuff, how to present herself, how to praise and encourage and provided excellent analysis that really helped me and will continue to help me develop personally and professionally. She's really quick at replying too - which has been such a good thing." - Khymne, New Zealand

Childbirth International has students and graduates in the following 98 countries:

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